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Do you know your social media?

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Do you know your social media?
June 2015
Do you know your social media?
By -> APB
Posted: 2015-06-10T17:36:00Z

Social media: the source of any information, whether it be global or personal, for almost every modern person. If it is what connects us to the rest of the world, how can it help my company that is a small, local business? A company with up-to-date social media platforms is viewed of as more legitimate and is more likely to be utilized by a prospect customer. Therefore, its proper use and execution is crucial. However, many of us do not know how to use social media or are in the dark as to its true definition. Have no fear! We are here to put your social media questions to rest and get your company running faster and better than ever.


It is first important to understand what social media is, exactly. Social media is any website or mobile phone function that allows you to share ideas and content with others. This includes anything from your company’s blog to its Facebook or Twitter account and all others in between. We will be covering the basic social media outlets and how their proper use can help your organization thrive.


Blog- Your company’s blog is essentially the central social media in which all your other outlets branch out from. Blogging also gives your company a personable aspect while boosting your website’s Search Engine Optimization or SEO.


Facebook- There are almost endless ways a company registered on Facebook can gain leads. Get thousands of people interacting with your business both online and offline and even promote a post by pay a small fee to ensure more views.


Twitter/ Instagram- This is a great outlet to keep up to date with and contact other people in your industry. These to the point platforms allow for the reader to use only the few seconds needed to make a judgment on the post as well as the person or organization posting it.


YouTube- If your company can create videos to even further legitimize how amazing it is, YouTube is the place to upload them. You can even combine this with the aforementioned social media outlets and add a link to what is being blogged or posted on Facebook or Twitter.


LinkedIn- If you are looking to work with other professionals and hire employees, create a personal LinkedIn account as well as one for your company. This further legitimizes your organization and helps you to find the best possible workers and/or partners to work for it.

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